Maistic: Plastic free & compostable cleaning solutions.

Maistic are fully dedicated to the development and production of the plastic free movement, which is why they offer an extensive selection of 100% plastic free and compostable Cleaning products to use in and around your home.

What's in the Maistic range?

Maistic provide a range of cloths, sponges and textiles labelled 'micro-plastic free', as the traditional plastic content, often polyester, is replaced with alternative material, that is non-plastic and proven degradable.

Why should cleaning be micro-plastic free?

You might not know it but micro-plastic pollution occurs every single time you use and wash your cleaning products, because most of them are made from plastic. Some of the micro-plastic ends up in our oceans through the water pipes because it is too small to be picked up in water cleaning facilities. Mussels, Fish, shrimps and other sea creatures consume this micro-plastic, which often goes on to cause them hormone disrupting diseases and even death.

Why should I choose to use Maistic?

With Maistic you can say goodbye to polluting plastic cleaning products forever, and say hello to eco-friendly cleaning. The entire range is 100% bio-based and reusable, meaning you can simply put the sponges and scrubbers in the Dishwasher after use and machine wash the dirty cloths so that they can be used again. The world needs to know and to have easy inexpensive access to alternatives to the plastic harming nature, oceans, our kids and our ourselves. We call these alternatives Maistic!

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