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Natural Cleaning Products UK

Natures Healthbox offer a range of cost effective, natural and ecologically sound cleaning products, which leave all areas of your home looking and smelling wonderful.

How can I be eco-friendly when cleaning?

Just choose from our vast selection of environmentally responsible alternatives!  Because unlike regular cleaning products, our range below all contain plant based and non-toxic raw materials that are ethical and cruelty free.

Do eco friendly cleaning products work?

Yes, absolutely! Eco-friendly cleaning products have come a long way in a short space of time and are getting more effective every year. So if you are keen to switch out your traditional cleaning products for more environmentally friendly alternatives, don't think that these chemcial free formulas are ineffective at shifting dirt and grime. Many of these products have been rigorously tested, so we can assure you that these products will Iliterally clean up your act.