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Mag 365

Mag 365

Mag 365: Magnesium Supplements for a Happy & Healthy Life.

Mag 365 is an ionic form of magnesium citrate that provides the most absorbable, effective, fast-acting Magnesium available anywhere. Highly absorbable, 100% natural, and vegan friendly, Mag 365 Supplements are made in Europe, from the finest ingredients, in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) facility.

What is Magnesium citrate & how can it help my body?

Magnesium citrate is a salt form combination of citric acid and magnesium carbonate, with citric acid in a 1:1 ratio and the magnesium content at about 11%.

Magnesium citrate is a saline laxative with two main functions; one to increase your magnesium levels to an ideal level, the second, to help keep your bowel movements regular. Once your Body absorbs what it can, it puts the rest into the colon and increases its water levels through the colon's tissues by the process of osmosis. Once in the intestine, magnesium citrate attracts water into your intestine to induce the urge to have a bowel movement. The additional water helps to create more waste volume, which naturally stimulates a bowel movement. This means magnesium citrate may also be useful in treatment of colon and rectal problems too.

How is Magnesium citrate different from other Magnesium preparations?

In a randomised, double-blind study conducted by The University of Reading, Magnesium  citrate was found to be more bio-available than other magnesium supplement. The relative bio-availability of three magnesium supplements (amino-acid chelate, citrate & oxide) were compared at a daily dose of 300mg of elemental Mg in 46 healthy individuals. This study concluded that Magnesium citrate shows superior bio-availability, after 60 days of treatment when compared with either amino-acid chelate or magnesium oxide.

How do I know if I have a magnesium deficiency?

You may have a magnesium deficiency if you experience the following symptoms:

  • A lack of EnergyMagnesium plays a major role in the release of energy from Food and also the transfer and storage of energy in the body. If there is not enough magnesium, the body’s cells cannot produce energy efficiently, and as a result you slowly become tired & weak.
  • Sleep deprivation: Magnesium ions play vital roles in the nervous system, and when there is not enough magnesium, nerves are unable to send or receive messages and they compensate by becoming hyper-sensitive. As a result, you may feel jumpy, irate, and/or find it difficult to sleep. 
  • Muscle spasms: Without sufficient magnesium, your muscles may spasm. If you are experiencing muscle spasms, tics, cramps or frequent hiccupping, then you may want to supplement your diet with a magnesium preparation from Mag 365.
  • PMS: Magnesium is even more important for females as a significant lack of it may worsen PMS and hormonal imbalances (this can be further aggravated by too much calcium). Magnesium supplements, such as Mag 365, may ease a woman's troubles during that time of the month.

Why should I choose Mag 365 over the other magnesium supplement brands?

The name “Mag 365” is born from the desire of Mag 365's creators (ITL Health B.V.) to promote natural products that bring health & life to you, their consumer base. A magnesium supplement like Mag 365 offers a proprietary from of magnesium citrate that provides far better absorption, and helps you to deal with those stresses of everyday life.