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HRI Herbal Medicine

HRI Herbal Medicine

HRI Herbal Medicine: 

HRI Herbal Medicine is a leading provider of herbal remedies, complementary herbal medicines and traditional herbal medicinal products. This innovative range of natural, herbal medicines and Supplements are designed to empower people to manage their everyday health by utilising the most powerful herb, root and leaf extracts to create products which meet the needs of modern life.

Where are HRI Herbal Medicines made?

All HRI Herbs are sourced from the highest quality producers and manufactured in the UK under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines

Is herbal medicine better than conventional medicine?

HRI Herbal Medicine believe in alternatives to chemicals whenever possible, which they feel are kinder to our bodies than pharmaceutical drugs, such as St John’s Wort. Human physiology has evolved in sync with the Other Nutrients & biochemicals provided by plants and they have the power to enhance our Mood, boost Energy & Vitality, relax us and to act as a potent healing force for our heart, liver, Brain, kidneys, Skin, nervous system and blood. 

What can herbs be used for?

HRI’s high quality alternative herbal remedies and medicines can help with relieving the symptoms of water retention, water balance, Slimming & Weight Loss, skin problems, spots, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis, Sleep, Fatigue, Stress, nervousness and irritability.

Why should I choose HRI Herbal Medicines?

HRI Herbal Medicines are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) under the name of Herbal Research Company Ltd, which means they are fully licensed and carry a PL (Product Licence) or THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) number. By choosing these licensed herbal medicines (below), you can be sure that HRI Herbal Medicines meet high standards of quality, safety and efficacy because the herb source and manufacture are controlled by the regulator, the MHRA.