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Golden Ox

Golden Ox

Golden Ox: The Gold Standard In Health Products.

The Golden Ox range of health products are ethically sourced, scientifically backed and rigorously tested for uncompromising quality.

What's in the Golden Ox range?

This completely natural range of products (below) includes Magnesium Body Spray'sLiposomal Vitamin Supplements and Black Seed Oil.

What are liposomal products?

Many other true liquid Liposomal Vitamin C products either have nasty additives or use alcohol as their preservatives. Golden Ox uses Sea Buckthorn Oil extract as the preservative which is 100% natural and it is also rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants which can help reduce Blood Pressure and promote the healing and elasticity of Skin.

What do liposomes do?

Liposomal technology guarantees the highest possible rates of absorption. With millions of liposomes per serving, each molecule is protected from the harsh environment of the stomach and arrives where your body needs it most. Liposomal technology ensures an absorption rate between 92% and 98%, whereas some other forms of supplements may have absorption rates of less than 10%.

What does magnesium spray do for you?

Golden Ox Magnesium Body Relief Spray is a natural solution with a fast acting form of bio-available magnesium. It helps give relief to aching and sore muscles and Joints, whilst helping to maintain good SleepHeart Health and reduce Inflammation throughout your Body.

What is Black Seed Oil Good For?

Golden Ox Black Seed Oil is a rich and natural source of thymoquinone; a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Many studies of thymoquinone have concluded that it actively supports healthy heart, immune & respiratory functions, allergy relief, joint & digestive comfort, metabolism, radiant Skin and lustrous Hair.

Is Golden Ox gluten free?

Yes! All Golden Ox products are Gluten Free, GMO free and vegan friendly too!