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Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

What is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea buckthorn is a popular garden and landscaping shrub and often used to make a good vandal-proof barrier due to its branches being dense, stiff and very thorny. The female plants produce Orange berries which are edible and nutritious when combined with sweeter substances as a drink.

What is buckthorn oil used for?

Sea buckthorn oil is an ingredient in many Beauty & Skincare products, which utilise its purported healing and anti inflammatory properties.

Is sea buckthorn oil good for wrinkles?

It would appear so. The purported Anti Ageing benefits of sea buckthorn oil are certainly a clear indication of why it features so heavily in today's beauty products. For the nutrients in sea buckthorn oil are thought to strengthen the Skin and restore its elasticity.

Is sea buckthorn oil good for arthritis?

It might be! There are some studies out there which suggest that sea buckthorn oil could support Joint Health & Inflammation at the very least.