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Gimber The Original

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Gimber The Original

Gimber Drink UK: The Original.

The Gimber Drink is your new go-to organic alternative to any alcoholic Beverages or sugary overloaded fizzy drinks. This liquid mix of Herbs & Spices has been made with a lot of love & passion, and primarily consists of Lemon and 40% organic Peruvian Ginger.

Is Gimber organic?

Yes. Gimber is 100% organic and made without any preservatives or taste enhancers. The sediment you may see on the bottom of your bottle is the proof that Gimber is unfiltered. It’s the ginger residue and what gives Gimber its distinctive powerful kick.

Does the Gimber Ginger Drink contain caffeine?

No. There is no caffeine or théine in Gimber Organic Peruvian Ginger Concentrate 200ml or Gimber Organic Peruvian Ginger Concentrate 500ml.

Is drinking ginger good for you?

Yes! Ginger contains gingerol, which offers Immune Support through its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Consumption of ginger is good for Digestion too, and has been linked to lowering harmful levels of Cholesterol.

Why should I drink Gimber?

Gimber is the answer to your traditional event frustrations. It provides you with a unique taste experience and easily replaces any alcoholic beverage thanks to its flavoured nature and spicy bite in the end.