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Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange

Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, Honey & Chocolate.

Equal Exchange is an 100% Fair Trade company and a workers co-operative. Their aim is to create sustainable producer organisations.

What makes the Equal Exchange brand stand out?

Their fairtrade policies ensure that they are always offering their suppliers the highest possible prices available. Even during a low coffee market, Equal Exchange will often pay 100% above the normal rate. This ensures that in return, their partners deliver coffee of the absolute highest quality.

What do they produce?

Equal Exchange offer delicious fairly traded, organic products, such as CoffeeTeaHoney and Chocolate. Each product (below) contains ingredients grown with care by democratically-run, small farmer co-ops in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the United States of America.

Is Equal Exchange cocoa vegan?

Equal Exchange Organic Cocoa 250g is a fully traceable organic vegan cocoa. 

Is Equal Exchange coffee Bird Friendly?

Most of their coffee beans are shade-grown. The plants that shade this coffee give shelter to birds & insects, sequester carbon and serve as a source of Food for local communities.