Beet It Sport

Beet It Sport

Beet It Sport: BEET to the finish line.

The Beet It Sport range (below) delivers a guaranteed dose of dietary nitrate via concentrated Beetroot juice. Brought to you by the makers of Beet It Organic, Beet It Sport is the number one nitrate Supplement trusted by elite athletes around the world, such as Eliud Kipchoge, David Weir, and Ghirmay Ghebreslassie.

Where is Beet It Sport made?

Beet It Sport is made right here, in Great Britain, and is pressed at Beet It's factory in Suffolk, England.

How does nitrate improve athletic performance?

Recent studies suggest that dietary nitrate supplementation, administered in the form of beetroot juice, may improve muscle efficiency by reducing the O2 cost of sub-maximal exercise. This would then lead to an improvement in endurance and enhance the contractile functions of the skeletal muscles.

Why are Beet It Sport shots used throughout the world for on-going dietary nitrate supplementation research?

Beet It Sport has been used in over 100 research projects throughout the world by universities in projects from as far afield as USA, Australia, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Korea, China, Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Nepal, New Zealand, France, and right here in the UK. This is because Beet It Sport shots deliver a controlled dose of dietary nitrate – which freshly pressed beet juice cannot do – dietary nitrate levels in beet juice fluctuate enormously. Beet It Sport also offer a nitrate depleted version of their shots which research teams use as a placebo for double blind crossover trials – the gold standard for unbiased research.

What's the difference between Beet It Sport & other sports drinks?

Because beet contains natural dietary nitrate, Beet It Sport shots have been designed with this in Mind. In fact, Beet It Sport shots are the first sport nutrition product to deliver a specific dose of natural dietary nitrate. These shots are 100% natural and do not have any artificial additives or preservatives.

When should I take Beet It Sport?

Ideally, you should consume your Beet It Sport shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Most of our Beet It's aforementioned athletes take Beet It Sport on a loading basis before an event – one shot 12 hours before, and one around 2 hours before exercising – however one is sufficient for general training.

Will I feel an immediate adrenaline or energy rush when taking Beet It Sport?

No. Beet It Sport shots are not Energy or caffeine booster products and therefore you won’t feel that immediate ‘kick’ upon consuming them. Beet It Sport works gradually and over an extended period of time, which again is unlike most energy or caffeine-booster drinks on the market today.

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