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Beet It Organic

Beet It Organic

Beet It Organic - Beetroot Juices Certified by the Soil Association

Beet It is a range of organic beetroot juice products, which have been made in Suffolk, England for over fifteen years. Each Beet It product has less sugar than your standard fruit juice, and is blended with additional ingredients to smooth the earthy aftertaste of Beetroot.

What makes the Beet It brand stand out?

Since 2008 they have worked with over 300 sports and medical performance research projects to establish the benefits of dietary nitrate naturally found in beetroot juice. They developed Beet It Concentrated Beetroot Juices as a consequence of the remarkable findings of this research. Since 2010 their Beet It Sport products have been used by an increasing number of the world’s top sportsmen and women.

Who owns beet it?

Beet It is owned by James White Drinks, a Suffolk-based soft drinks manufacturer that has been making juices from fruit & vegetables for more than thirty years.

Is the Beet It Beetroot Juice vegetarian friendly?

Beet It Organic Beetroot Juices are vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Is Beet It beetroot juice good for you?

While beetroot juice may not feature highly on most of our diets and the idea of drinking beetroot juice probably doesn't excite anyone too much, this fabulous deep purple juice is low in fat, full of powerful Antioxidants, and a rich source of Vitamin C too! Some studies even suggest that drinking two cups of this surprisingly sweet, and slightly earthy rich tasting juice a day, helped lower blood pressure in healthy adults, while those who drank beet juice for six days had improved stamina during intense exercise.