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Bang Curry

Bang Curry

Bang Curry - Spice Kits From Bangladesh

Bang Curry bring bolder and brighter flavours of Bangladeshi cooking to your kitchen. Not only have they put three generations of home cooking into each flavour-filled kit below, they are full of delicious natural ingredients.

What is bang Curry?

They are revolution in curry making and allows you to cook 100% natural and authentic Bangladeshi curries in 3 simple steps. Using all natural ingredients their recipes promote deeply flavoured and healthy food which can be consumed any day of the week. Bang Curry Spices contain potent amounts of Vitamins and Minerals too, which are essential for a healthy working body. These spice mixes come in 8 different varieties, which include:

  1. Bang Curry Classic Bangla Spice Kit.
  2. Bang Curry Naga Bang Spice Kit.
  3. Bang Curry Khulna Bang Spice Kit.
  4. Bang Curry Warm Moghul Spice Kit.
  5. Bang Curry Bang Bhajis Recipe Kit.
  6. Bang Curry Bang Biryani Recipe Kit.
  7. Bang Curry Bengal Bang Spice Kit.
  8. Bang Curry Dhaka Dahl Recipe Kit.

Most health problems come from a deficiency in nutrients. By including spices into our normal diet Bang Curry not only tickle your taste buds but may work as a way to improve your long term health. Each product is composed of specially selected, quality spices imported straight from India. They are ideally served with rice, salad and flat bread, and provide access for everyone to enjoy a traditional Bangladeshi home-cooked meal.

What makes Bang Curry stand out?

They are a family-run business who believe in a sustainable future, so they do things that will help to protect it by choosing responsible packaging. They work with like-minded partners too, and always focus on quality.

Is Bang curry gluten free?

It is Gluten Free, 100% natural, keto and vegan friendly.