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Outside the Box

Outside the Box: Is magnesium good for footballers?

After an impressive win against near-by Seasiders Littlehampton Ladies in the Women's FA Cup, it was back to ‘boxing business’ for the women of Worthing Football Club once more - Outside the Box business that is! For this week our intrepid content writer presented the Worthing ladies players with Healthreach Magnesium Effervescent - 20 Tablets to unbox, which were kindly sent from afar, across the Irish Sea by Dublin based brand, Health Reach.

*A big thank you to Kevin at Health Reach for sending us these mighty magnesium samples!

What does magnesium do for the body?

Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 different functions within your Body. It keeps your heart rhythm steady, encourages normal blood pressure, helps convert the Food we eat into Energy, and even provides Immune Support!

What depletes the body of magnesium?

It said that we require 375 mg of magnesium every day but the average Western diet provides only half of this amount. Common substances such as excessive Sugar or caffeine are often highlighted as two substances that deplete our bodies magnesium levels.

How does magnesium help performance?

Many studies have concluded that supplementing with magnesium may help boost athletic performance for all types of sports athletes. Magnesium is thought to aid in the transportation of blood sugar to an athlete's muscles & remove lactate, which builds up during physical activity and causes Fatigue.

Are athletes deficient in magnesium?

Believe it or not, but magnesium deficiency is very common in endurance athletes or those  who participate in regular physical activities. Magnesium is lost through urine and sweat, so it would figure that the more intense the sport is the more the participant will sweat, and subsequently the more they will rehydrate themselves.

Why do footballers drink magnesium?

The players of Worthing Womens FC may wish to consider supplementing with effervescent magnesium as it should help their bodies to recover quickly after intense training or a gruelling match. As we now know, consuming magnesium reduces the feeling of fatigue, but it may also help to prevent muscle injuries too.

How much magnesium should female athletes take?

While many studies suggest that an endurance athlete could safely consume between 500-800mg of magnesium daily, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for the general female population is a minimum of 300-350mg.

What drinks are high in magnesium?

One with a Healthreach Magnesium Effervescent Tablet of course! These bioavailable effervescent tablets contain magnesium carbonate & citric acid which, mixed with water, combine to form magnesium citrate in an ionic ratio of 1:1 for optimal absorption and bioavailability. Make sure you’re following Worthing Women’s Football Club on social media, @WorthingFCWomen on Twitter and @worthingfcwomen on Instagram, as well as their individual players accounts to see how they get on with these tablets for the remainder of the London & South East Women's Premier League season.