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Outside the Box

Outside the Box - Is kombucha good for soccer players?

Is kombucha good for soccer players?

Did you know that Natures Healthbox has a close affiliation with Worthing FC?  This local football club is based approximately 30 minutes drive from our offices, on the West Sussex coast and they play in the Isthmian Premier Division. Natures Healthbox have a regular ad that features in each and every match-day programme, and also sponsor the fan lead radio station (RebelYell), who broadcast live match-day commentary for the men’s games 

Worthing FC have an incredible fanbase for a non-league soccer side - the men’s team alone tends to get a regular gate attendance of at least 1,500 fans. And to increase this loyal fanbase across the board and raise the profile of the equally successful women’s team, we now have a long serving project in place with these ladies to improve pitch performance through products that provide a natural source of nutrition and hydration. Each month we hope to focus on a different brand, from the many that Natures Healthbox sells, and implement their natural & organic products into part of the women’s teams training routines. So as the season has just got going, what better place to start than hydration...

Why is hydration essential for a footballer?

During pre-season, in training or during a 90 minute match, staying hydrated is one of a footballer's number one priorities. Staying adequately hydrated regulates Body temperature and may even go as far as to reduce muscle Fatigue, and furthermore the risk of an injury.

What is kombucha and why is it good for you?

Kombucha is a type of fermented Tea that has been consumed since 221 B.C. in Japan and China. It is a rich source of Antioxidants and Probiotics (the good gut bacteria) that Asians have sworn by when it comes to fighting bacterial infections.

Is kombucha good for athletes?

Yes! With every passing day, more and more athletes are beginning to discover the benefits of kombucha. Along with boosting Energy levels before or during performance, kombucha aids in easing muscle soreness and helps to bind metabolic toxins, so that they can be easily excreted through the athletes kidneys.

Kombucha is a great post-workout drink for Worthing Women’s footballers too!  Post-workout tissue inflammation is common among footballers but kombucha has the ability to support joint Collagen, which in turn helps to heal & repair any joint damage (no matter how big or small) and thus speeds up the overall recovery process.

What is the best time to drink kombucha?

For a Worthing ladies player, kombucha would ideally be consumed mid-afternoon or post-workout for a notable energy boost. It may also aid Digestion when served alongside a player's after-match meals at the club's Kitchen too!

Can kombucha be sugar free?

Yes! Take Remedy Kombucha for example, which is naturally free of sugar and contains just 9 calories a can.

Make sure you check out our social platforms over the coming weeks, especially on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook, as well as those of Worthing Women's Football Club to see how the players get on with them in a live taste test.

Follow Worthing Women @worthingfcwomen on Instagram and @WorthingFCWomen on Twitter.