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Vegan Crisps & Snacks

Vegan Crisps & Snacks

Vegan Crisps & Snacks

An important part of any accessible diet is being able to eat on the go and have handy Snacks. For vegans this is no different but knowing what to consume beyond hummus and carrots can often become a mounting obstacle for some.

Veganism has become an increasingly popular movement and while many people believe vegan diets to be difficult, finding Vegan Crisps & Snacks may initially seem like a serious challenge. At Natures Healthbox we know it’s far from slim pickings when it comes to crisps and snacks that are vegan; free from eggs, meat and dairy. This is why we have an abundance of options from some of the biggest, vegan friendly brands.

Snacking can still be enjoyable for vegans and there are a whole range of snacks, from Munchy Seeds to Tiger Nuts, Snack Organic (from Clearspring) to Kallo we've got you covered for that mid-morning slump, afternoon crash or post-dinner pang. Dig yourself out of that nut & celery rut and check out our selection below - some of them are Gluten Free too, bonus!