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Kallo: Have your cake and eat it…

Kallo strongly believe that Food, as with life, should be, ‘Simple, natural, and pleasurable’. As the UK’s market leader in rice cakes and Crackers, Kallo also offer a range of organic stock cubes, corn snacks, bread-sticks and Breakfast Cereals that are made using the finest natural ingredients.

Who are Kallo?

Kallo is a contemporary food brand for those individuals who take an active role, concerning their overall health and food intake. It was founded in 2011 by Royal Wessanen, a Dutch company, and is named after a village in the Belgian municipality of Beveren.

Where do Kallo produce their range of foods?

Kallo produce their range of organic & natural foods from their UK base in Camberley, Surrey.

Do Kallo foods contain any GMOs or MSG?

There are no genetically modified ingredients in any Kallo products and no MSG either.

How are Kallo Rice & Corn cakes made?

Kallo rice & corn cakes are simply made by using a very basic puffing process, which includes a combination of high pressure and heat.

And where is the rice used in each cake sourced from?

The rice used in each and every Kallo rice & corn cake is sourced from EU & non EU countries.

Where is the glucose syrup in Kallo stock cubes sourced from?

The glucose syrup in all Kallo stock cubes are sourced from maize.

Is the Kallo range gluten free?

It is important to note that while the Kallo range in its entirety is not Gluten Free, you will find many products within in it that are. Each Kallo product packaging is clearly labelled to indicate which are gluten free, lactose free, Vegetarian & Vegan, organic, and low in fat.