St John's Wort

St John's Wort

What is St John's wort?

St John's Wort is a yellow flowering perennial herb of the Hypericum family widely known as a herbal medicine for treating Depression

How does St John's Wort help depression?

In some countries st john's wort oil is prescribed for mild depression and its effects are thought to be due to its ability to inhibit the reuptake of certain neurotransmitters with less side effects than conventional drugs. 

Does St John's wort give you energy?

It might do! In traditional herbalism St. John's wort has been used as a natural antidepressant to revitalise patients who lack Energy and motivation.

Is St John's Wort good for panic attacks?

It might be! It's possible that St. John's wort may reduce the symptoms of Anxiety, however there is no conclusive medical research to prove this right now.

Is St John's wort an anti inflammatory?

At the time of writing the classification of St. John's wort as an anti-inflammatory was unclear, however some herbal experts say it does has anti-inflammatory properties.

Does St John Wort help weight loss?

No! Even the best st john's wort products are not to be used as a weight-loss product.

What are the side effects of taking St John's wort?

The reported minor side effects of St. John's wort include Fatigue, dizziness and an upset stomach, however these are usually uncommon.

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