Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum 15g - Case of 12 (Sold in multiple of 12)

Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum 15g - Case of 12

Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum 15g - Case of 12 (Sold in multiple of 12)

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Peppersmith 100 Percent Xylitol Spearmint Chewing Gum: Case of 12

Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum has been made with high quality ingredients that are actively good for you. Instead of Sugar or chemical alternatives, each piece of chewing gum is sweetened with 100% xylitol - a naturally derived ingredient which helps keep teeth healthy.

  • 15g x 12.
  • Vegan.
  • No aspartame.
  • Sugar free gum.
  • Made in Finland.
  • Each piece of gum contains 1g of xylitol.
  • Each pocket pack contains 10 pieces of gum.
  • Flavoured with English spearmint from Hampshire.
  • Presented in fully recyclable cardboard boxes made from Forest Stewardship Counsel Approved card.

Also available in peppermint flavour:

Peppersmith Peppermint Xylitol Gum 15g - Case of 12.

How is xylitol good for teeth?

Tooth decay starts with harmful bacteria in the mouth. Sugary foods give these bacteria energy to multiply and produce acids that dissolve the enamel of the tooth and cause decay. Xylitol has the opposite effect, inhibiting their growth, killing the bacteria (they can fall by as much as 90%) and preventing acid attacks. Xylitol also reduces the bacteria’s ability to stick to your teeth so plaque is easier to remove.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a sweetener found naturally in trees and plants. The best source is birch and beech trees. It was first discovered in Finland during the early 20th Century when cane sugar was hard to come by, and the dental benefits of this magic ingredient only came to light many years later. Despite xylitol tasting the same as sugar, it’s low calorie and has a low GI of 7, making it great for diabetics as it won’t spike insulin levels.

If xylitol is so great, why haven't I seen it in the UK?

Xylitol is massively popular in other countries, particularly in Scandinavia and Japan where they have a more progressive approach to dental care. Unfortunately, the UK is a bit behind at present, with most manufacturers still preferring to use ingredients like sugar, sorbitol or aspartame as they are much cheaper. In fact, over 80% of mints consumed in Great Britain are made of sugar which is strange really when you consider that they just create more bacteria in your mouth and damage your teeth.

How much xylitol is in Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum?

Each piece of Peppersmith Spearmint Xylitol Gum contains just over 1g (11g per pack) so you would need to have about five pieces of gum per day to get the full benefits.

Directions of Use

Chew approximately 5 pieces of Peppersmith Peppermint Xylitol Gum per day to get the full benefits.


Sweetener (Xylitol) 67% Gum Base Flavourings (English Speramint Oil, Natural Menthol, Natural Mint) Thickener (Gum Arabic) Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin) Stabilizer (Glycerol) Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax). 

May contain traces of soya lecithin.

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