Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids with Coconut Oil - 25 Plasters

Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids with Coconut Oil - 25 Plasters

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Patch Plastic Free Plasters Coconut Oil

Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids with Coconut Oil are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive Skin, especially children. Designed to comfort kids in life’s little emergencies, each plaster features a cute panda print.

  • 25 Plasters.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Plastic free plasters.
  • Biodegradable (Earth friendly).
  • Features certified organic bamboo.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).
  • Embedded with a coconut oil gauze.
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin & children.
  • Engineered for the future eco warriors of our planet, our kids.
  • Made from a combination of natural minerals & Nano technology.

Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids are made from 100% organic Bamboo fibre and include a gauze enriched with Coconut Oil to help soothe minor abrasions and provide long lasting support for sensitive skin types. This pressure sensitive adhesive (or PSA) also includes a combination of natural Minerals and Nano technology (think tiny suction cups) to gently adhere to your skin without causing reactions.

Patch Bamboo Plaster Review

What are Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids?

Patch enriched with coconut oil is specially developed for use by the kids. With a beautiful panda design and coconut oil being perfect for children’s sensitive skin, these plasters are suitable for newborns too! 

This wound care product won't cause nasty skin reactions and serve as a way to help heal wounds fast and effectively.

Why are Patch Kids Plasters made with Bamboo?

Bamboo is a renewable resource and grows much faster than any tree. It also needs little water, generates a lot of oxygen, and doesn't need pesticides or herbicides to thrive.

Are Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids sterile?

Yes! Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids are a class 1 medical device. They have been made using EO sterilization process equipment under full compliance.

Are Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids vegan?

Yes! Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids are 100% vegan friendly.

Are Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids free from sulfates?

Yes! Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids are sulfate-free, thimerosal-free, and merthiolate-free too!

Directions of Use

Patch Bamboo Plasters for Kids are an incredible natural alternative that won’t confine your little one to the couch. Apply to help soothe minor abrasions and provide long lasting support when there is still exploring to be done or sports to be played!


Made with soft organic bamboo fibre, embedded with coconut oil gauze and hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).

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