Natracare Mini Pantyliners x 30

Natracare Mini Panty Liner - Pack of 30

Natracare Mini Pantyliners x 30

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Natracare Panty Liners Mini

Natracare Mini Panty Liners are daily Panty Liners that are soft, absorbent and shaped for extraordinary everyday comfort. These snall, straight cut liners include a  breathable organic cotton cover which sits comfortably upon the Skin.

  • 30 Pack.
  • GMO & plastic free.
  • Totally chlorine free.
  • No perfumes or dyes.
  • MADE SAFE Certified.
  • Made for sensitive skin.
  • Biodegradable & compostable.
  • A USDA Biobased Certified product.
  • With a certified organic cotton cover.

Who can use Natracare Mini Panty Liners?

Gynaecologist recommended Natracare Mini Panty Liners and suitable for daily wear by those with allergies. And by choosing to buy these natural and organic mini panty liners, you're helping reduce your exposure to synthetic materials and ingredients, including plastic, perfume and dyes often found in conventional products.

What's a Panty liner?

A panty liner is an absorbent piece of material worn in the gusset of a woman's underwear. This Feminine Hygiene product are ideal for day-to-day use, with some uses including; urinary incontinence, vaginal & post-intercourse discharge, light menstrual flow, and as a back-up for tampon and Menstrual Cups.

Why should I use a Panty liner?

Many people like to wear a liner every day because It’s common, and natural, for women to have some discharge during the day. It can make things a damp and uncomfortable, especially when working out. A panty liner is a great way to maintain a ‘fresh & clean’ feeling throughout the day.

A panty liner can give you a bit of protection without using a full-sized menstrual pad – perfect for the light days at the end of your period! Not only does it provide adequate protection, but it saves you wearing and using more than needed.

Why should I choose Natracare Mini Panty Liners?

The average liner is made with plastic, dyes, and even perfume – nothing your intimate skin needs. Gynaecologist recommended Natracare Mini Panty Liners are:

  • Plastic Free: Plastic does not belong in your underwear. Natracare is plastic free by design, and you can help reduce plastic pollution with a simple switch to plastic free panty liners.
  • Chlorine Free: Bleaching cleans the cotton and pulp used to make liners. We use the most eco-friendly bleaching method to purify our organic cotton, which doesn’t create dioxin residues.
  • Perfume Free: We only make unscented panty liners designed for sensitive skin. Synthetic perfumes contain a host of undisclosed ingredients, which can lead to skin irritation & soreness.
  • Natural Materials: We only source sustainable natural materials to make our panty liners. This means every liner you use can return to earth safely, and help us all to look after our planet.

Directions of Use

Natracare Mini Panty Liners are suitable for daily wear upon sensitive skin.



Certified Organic Cotton, Ecologically Certified Cellulose Pulp, Plant Starch, Non-Toxic Glue.


Recycled cardboard printed with vegetable-based ink.



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