BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes 1kg

BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes 1kg

BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes 1kg

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BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes will help you gain a full body relaxation and are a great way to replenish your magnesium levels. The natural magnesium flakes is the ultimate way to replenish every cell in the body and are great in a nice warm bath.

  • 1kg.
  • Great source of muscle relaxation.
  • Help to maintain natural skin health.
  • Every 100g of Magnesium Flakes delivers 12g of elemental magnesium.


The pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride hexahydrate is totally ionized for effective absorption and retention by the body, the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles.

Trials have shown that transdermal magnesium therapy can increase magnesium levels up to five times faster than traditional tablets or capsules. 

Directions of Use

BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes are a very gentle way to increase your body’s magnesium levels, simply add to a foot or body soak for the ultimate in relaxation.

For a foot soak: Dissolve 150g (equivalent to a tea cup) in warm water, immerse your feet and relax for 20 minutes or longer if desired

For a bath soak: Dissolve 250g (roughly equivalent to two cups) in a warm bath and relax for 20 minutes or longer to gain full body relaxation

It is advised that 2-3 magnesium rich baths are taken per week. Increase frequency as required.


100% natural, Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride hexahydrate at a concentration of 47%.

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