Active Edge CherryActive 30 Capsules

Active Edge CherryActive 30 Capsules

Active Edge CherryActive 30 Capsules

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Food Supplement Made From 100% Natural Tart Montmorency Cherries

CherryActive Capsules have been specifically formulated by those serious about maintaining good health and optimising their fitness training. Each capsule is made from 100% natural, tart Montmorency cherries. Carefully prepared Montmorency cherry skins are freeze-dried and milled into a fine powder to protect the Cherry phytonutrients and optimise absorption (the powder is then encapsulated into a 100% vegetarian shell).

  • 30 Capsules.
  • Vegan & vegetarian friendly.
  • Fine milled to maximise absorption.
  • With no fillers or anti-caking agents.
  • Made from 100% natural tart Montmorency cherries.
  • Freeze-dried to protect their concentrated Antioxidants.
  • Under two calories per capsule & very low in carbohydrates.

Also available in a larger 60 capsule pot size...

CherryActive 60 Capsules.

CherryActive Capsules undergo a process that removes much of the natural cherry sugars (each capsule has less than 2 calories). This format is often chosen by those looking to restrict sugars, carbohydrates or calories within their diet.

What are Montmorency cherries?

Montmorency cherries (Prunus cerasus) are light red cherries from the Amarelle cultivar of sour cherries. They are predominantly grown in the U.S.A, where they are the most widely cultivated type of sour cherry in the country (the state of Michigan produces over 90,000 tons of Montmorency cherries each year alone!). Montmorency Cherries are also found in certain parts of France and Canada too.

What are the health benefits of Montmorency cherries?

Montmorency sour cherries have a very similar nutritional profile to the more popular sweet Cherry varieties, such as Lambert or Bing. However, Montmorency cherries have higher traces of essential Vitamins (vitamin A & vitamin C), Antioxidant compounds and fibre. So with consideration to the aformentioned, a high overall intake of Montmorency cherries may provide Immune Support, help to regulate bowel movements, and protect cells & DNA.

Directions of Use

Take two CherryActive Capsules daily with or without Food.

Don't like taking capsules?

You can always crack open the capsules and add the Montmorency cherry powder to any cold drink, post training shake or even into your yoghurt at breakfast. Being taste free and finely milled this powder can be poured into and onto nearly anything!



100% PURE Freeze-dried Montmorency cherry powder, 100% vegetable (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) capsule. No additives or fillers.

Per 100 grams:

  • Montmorency cherry juice concentrate has 12,800 ORAC units and 2269 ORAC units per serving.
  • Dried Montmorency cherries have 6,800 ORAC units.
  • Other fruits that have been tested range from 700 to 5,700 ORAC units per 100 grams.
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