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Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine hygiene is important to women of all ages and at Natures Healthbox we understand that a woman's sensitive and intimate areas should be cared for with only the best natural and eco-friendly products. As the average woman menstruates for over forty years, disposable products adds thousands of pounds waste to UK landfills each and every year. Many of these commercial feminine hygiene products are made from chlorine and synthetic materials too, which can be extremely troublesome to health. For example, chlorine has antibiotic properties that are likely to neutralize native beneficial organisms within the vagina.

From Balance Activ to Natracare, Organyc to The Diva Cup, our extensive selection of natural feminine hygiene products are made with unbleached, chlorine-free materials. And if you are experiencing menstrual cramps just before and during a menstrual period, you may wish to consider Magnesium, which when taken regularly, is thought to help ease pain.

Why is feminine hygiene important?

Feminine hygiene is crucial for preventing infections and bodily odours. And as the female vagina's pH balance changes during a period, the risk of a bacterial infection becomes prominent, making feminine hygiene vital for vaginal health.

How do you fix feminine hygiene?

Women looking to maintain correct feminine hygiene should clean themselves regularly but avoid using Soap when washing the vagina before and after intercourse. Discarding scented feminine hygiene products and changing ones' sanitary pads every 4-6 hours will also make a difference. Finally, Probiotics may help maintain the pH balance of the vagina, while not wearing tightly fitted clothes should prevent irritations such as chafing, itching & rubbing.

What is the best natural feminine wash?

You may wish to consider; OrganiCup Intimate Wash 75ml, Faith in Nature Feminine Wash 200ml, Organyc Natural Intimate Wash 250ml or Bentley Organic Gentle Feminine Wash 250ml.

Why are organic pads better?

Organic pads and tampons significantly reduce the chance of irritation or Skin allergies. These products also require 62% less energy to manufacture, meaning they are not only better for the female Body but the environment too!