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    What is wheatgrass?

    Wheatgrass is a Food prepared from the young grass of the common wheat plant. This bright green, dry grass is thick and reminiscent straw or hay. We have wheatgrass for sale in various forms. From powdered Supplements, capsules, Drinks & Beverages, our unrivalled selection (below) supports all of your wheatgrass requirements.

    What does wheatgrass do for your body?

    Antioxidant-rich wheatgrass is full of Vitamins and Minerals but is not easy to digest, so is generally made into capsules or a liquid supplement. In traditional folk medicine, history tells us that wheatgrass was used to treat pretty much everything, however today it is widely regarded for its ability to strengthen the Immune System, detoxify the Body and improve Energy & Vitality

    Is wheatgrass good for skin?

    It might be! A wheatgrass juice, like Alo Awaken - Aloe Vera & Wheatgrass Juice 500ml, may prove beneficial for those with Skin blemishes, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis, when consumed regularly.

    What are wheatgrass capsules good for?

    Wheatgrass capsules, such as Viridian 100% Organic Soul Food Greens 90 Capsules, are usually administered orally to improve haemoglobin production. This in turn may contribute to accelerated wound healing, a reduction in bacterial infections or even support Blood Sugar Control.

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