Vegan Cereals, Granola & Muesli

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    27 products

    Vegan Cereals, Granola & Muesli

    At Natures Healthbox we understand that just because you’re a vegan doesn’t mean breakfast time should be limited to smoothies, Energy bars or oatmeal. In fact there are many vegan breakast cereals available these days, free from animal derived ingredients including Honey, gelatine and carmine colouring. With our selection of Vegan Cereals, Granola & Muesli finding a vegan breakfast has never been easier. 

    Did you hear the one about the vegan, the cereal & vitamin D?

    **Did you know that vitamin D from non-vegan sources often get added to cereal recipes, rendering them vegan and vegetarian no more**

    With this in mind its always good to check the cereal box still says suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In most cases, when Vitamin D appears in a vegan breakfast cereal it's from vegan friendly, vitamin D2 or plant-derived D3. Natures Healthbox have put together a selection of products that are 100% vegan to make it easy for you to start your day cruelty-free.

    I want a big, hearty vegan breakfast, such as pancakes. Can you help me?

    Yes, absolutely. Check out the Orgran or Superfood Bakery range of vegan friendly pancake mixes.

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