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    Uncle Bud's: Trusted CBD Infused Products

    Uncle Bud’s trusted hemp-healthy products are made for the daily use of all individuals. Made with a proprietary formula, Canatrex, each Uncle Bud's product harnesses the healing powers of Hemp oil in each of their own, unique natural formulas.

    Are hemp products safe & legal to use?

    Yes! Hemp oil is very safe to use, especially when you are simply rubbing it upon your Skin and not ingesting it. While hemp and marijuana are both species of the Cannabis Sativa family, they are not the same thing. Hemp is used for medical remedies, Food, fibre, rope, paper, bricks, and oil, while marijuana is used medicinally, spiritually, or recreationally. Marijuana also has significantly higher trace amounts of THC and CBD.

    How might a hemp oil rich product, such as Uncle Bud's, prove beneficial to my health?

    Uncle Bud's rich hemp oil products may be used as a natural remedy to relieve arthritis, Muscular Pain, joint pain, and any aches and pains, as well as various skin conditions. This is because hemp oil is a natural anti-inflammatory (rich in omega-6 fatty acids), a rich source of Vitamins A, D & E, and is high in Antioxidants too!

    Who can use Uncle Bud's?

    Young or old, female or male, active or inactive, are all candidates for all of Uncle Bud’s Trusted Hemp-Healthy products. And as a trusted domestic FDA registered manufacturer, you can rest assured that all of Uncle Bud’s Hemp-Healthy products are lab-tested and totally safe to use.

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