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    Tony's Chocolonely: Crazy about chocolate. Serious about people.

    Did you know that things aren't being shared evenly in the Chocolate supply chain? The chain starts with millions of farmers who produce Cocoa and ends with the billions of consumers who enjoy Chocolate. But what about the bit in the middle? This section is dominated by a handful of chocolate giants that profit from keeping the price of cocoa as low as possible. As a result, farmers are forced to live in poverty and that leads to illegal child labour & modern slavery. Tony's Chocolonely show that chocolate can be made differently, without slavery and exploitation. They have developed a range of delicious chocolate bars that are made with five ingredients, including slave free cocoa. This enables cocoa farmers to make a decent living and also ensures that Tony knows exactly where his beans come from.

    Where does Tony source his cocoa from?

    Tony's Chocolonely only work in West Africa, where over 60% of the world's cocoa is grown and also where the chocolate giants get their cocoa from. Tony buys his cocoa directly from seven cocoa cooperatives: 3 in Ghana (ABOCFA, Asetenapa and Asunafo) and 4 in Ivory Coast (Kapatchiva, ECAM, ECOJAD and SOCOOPACDI). So if Tony can implement fair business practices in Ghana and Ivory Coast, then surely the big companies should be able to do it too!

    Is Tony's Chocolonely fairtrade?

    Yes! As a certification system, fairtrade is most closely aligned with Tony's Chocolonely mission, as it guarantees farmers a minimum price for their cocoa & works with cooperatives.

    Is Tony's Chocolonely organic?

    Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars don't say 'organic' on their wrappers, as for Tony, social impact comes first. ABOCFA is the first certified organic cooperative in West Africa, and Tony's Chocolonely support this. However, organic farming doesn't necessarily deliver a better income for farmers in West Africa. To be good at organic farming, farmers have to be professional. They have to have a great deal of knowledge and they also have to be able to invest in their farms. This is far from the reality for most cocoa farmers. So for the moment Tony's Chocolonely are not looking to make their supply chain organic. 

    Are Tony's Chocolonely wrappers recyclable?

    Yes! Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars are wrapped in Cocoon Offset paper. It's 100% recycled, uncoated offset paper with excellent whiteness (CIE 150). It's also FSC Recycled and EU Ecolabel certified too!

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