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    B Corp Certified Vegetarian Pate

    Tartex pate is made from only the finest ingredients, all of which are sourced from certified organic farms. Tartex believe in sustainability, so their products not only taste great, but they're also good for the environment. With no artificial additives, flavour enhancers, aromas or colourings, Tartex pate is the real deal.

    What is vegetarian pate made of?

    Tartex is vegetarian based pate on nutritional yeast, on non-hydrogenated fats and oils and exquisite ingredients, such as vegetables and Herbs & Spices

    Is Tartex Organic?

    Yes! Tartex places great emphasis on sustainability which is why all of their products are sourced from certified organic farming.

    How can I use Tartex?

    Tartex organic vegetarian pates are delicious on crackers, toast and as sandwich filler. They can also be added to your cooking to make flavoursome veggie dishes.

    What does it mean to be B Corp Certified?

    It means that the company has undergone a rigorous assessment process and meets high standards in terms of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. This designation is important for businesses that want to show their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

    Some of the key areas that are assessed include employee benefits, charitable giving, supply chain practices, and input materials. B Corp Certification is an important way for businesses to demonstrate their dedication to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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