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    Steenbergs: Extracts & baking ingredients.

    Steenbergs is passionate about the wonderful tastes, heady smells, glorious colours and the thrill and excitement of high quality organic extracts and Gluten Free Baking ingredients. These Organic Food Products can be traced back to the farmers & growers. This provenance and such level of quality only comes through a system of organic agriculture and fine organic processing.

    What kind of extracts are there?

    Steenbergs range of extracts now has Natural Almond Extract 100ml that uses bitter Almond oil, Organic Lemon Extract 100mlOrganic Orange Extract 100mlOrganic Peppermint Extract 100mlOrganic Lemon Extract 100ml and organic flower waters - Organic Orange Blossom Water 100ml and Organic Rose Water 100ml.

    What is arrowroot used for?

    Steenbergs Arrowroot 65g is an almost pure natural starch. It's Gluten Free too, so works well as a thickener for those with coeliac disease.

    What is the purpose of cream of tartar in a recipe?

    Steenbergs Cream Of Tartar 70g is mostly used for stabilising egg whites.

    Who is Steenbergs?

    Steenbergs is a family-run and very friendly business, committed to organic, Fairtrade, the environment and their staff. It was established in 2003 by Axel & Sophie Steenberg in North Yorkshire and operates out of a purpose-built and eco-friendly factory.

    Why should I choose Steenbergs?

    It's clear to see that Steenbergs are at the forefront of Fairtrade products, here in the UK, as they continually strive to work in an eco-friendly manner. They have incorporated many environmental features into their factory too, and use 'green' suppliers wherever possible. So whether you simply wish to stock up your rack of extracts or simply want to create a delicious masterpiece, Steenbergs has what you need to create fun & delicious foods!

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