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    Best Sleep Supplements UK

    What is the best alternative to sleeping pills?

    Natures Healthbox have an extensive selection of natural and organic sleep remedy alternatives, which may prove more effective than those regular pharmaceutical sleeping aids. From Valerian to passiflora complex, explore the very best sleeping remedies that Mother Natures has to offer!

    How can I stay asleep for 8 hours?

    Ideally, you should only go to bed when you're sleepy, preferably in a bedroom that is conducive to sleep and is free from clocks and mobile phones. Relaxation therapy may improve your sleep patterns too, as will regular exercise and reducing your overall consumption of caffeine & alcohol.

    What is the best vitamin to take for sleep?

    Vitamin D is believed to be the best vitamin to take for sleep when taken in increased levels, as it is involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms (mental, physical & behavioural changes that follow a 24-hour cycle). However, as vitamin D can suppress melatonin production, it's important to take vitamin D during the day under the guidance of your GP and not before you go to bed.

    Will vitamin B12 help me sleep?

    Yes, absolutely! Many experts believe that those with low levels of vitamin B12 may be more likely to experience sleep-related disturbances like Insomnia.

    What can I take naturally for insomnia?

    To combat insomnia you may wish to consider natural remedies that contain valerian root, Chamomile, Lavender oil or Magnesium.

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