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    Rizopia Gluten Free Pasta: Organic & Award Winning.

    Here at Natures Healthbox, we have a great range of Rizopia dried Pasta in 7 different shapes, which include; Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Elbow Pasta 500g, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Fantasia Pasta 500g, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Fettucine Pasta 500g, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta 500g, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Lasagne 375g, Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Penne Pasta 500g and Rizopia Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti 500g.

    Whether you simply appreciate fine quality, organic Food ingredients or you’re looking for a tasty alternative to regular pasta for health reasons, Rizopia's award winning range of brown rice pastas will not only tantalise your taste buds but make you feel great too. Completely allergy free, Gluten Free and all natural you can use Rizopia Pasta just as you would traditionally to make delicious lasagne, spaghetti Bolognese, and a whole host of Italian dishes using penne, fettuccini, fusilli, elbows and fun Fantasia shapes for your children.

    What is Rizopia made from?

    Rizopia pasta is produced from only certified organic brown rice and water. There are no other ingredients.

    How do I cook Rizopia pasta?

    You cook Rizopia pasta just like an Italian would cook pasta: in a big pan with lots of water. And as this pasta is made of rice, the water will turn a little cloudy so you will need to thoroughly rinse the pasta when you’ve finished cooking it.

    Why should I buy Rizopia pasta?

    Rizopia pasta has many health benefits making it ideal for those who are looking to improve their health & fitness, wellbeing and digestive comfort. This range of dried pasta (below) is the perfect choice for coeliac and IBS sufferers too as it is gentle on the stomach and free from gluten and chemicals.

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