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    Ricola: The spirit of Herbs.

    Ricola is one of the most modern and innovative manufacturers of herb drops in the world. Their traditional blend of 13 quality Herbs are all sourced from Swiss mountain areas and packed into every single Ricola product, to give them that unmistakably delicious flavour. The herbs for Ricola products are cultivated using natural methods. This means no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers are used.

    How does Ricola work?

    Ricola helps you to keep your voice sounding strong and refreshed even when you are feeling croaky. A minor Cough & Sore Throat can strike at any time of year and for a whole host of reasons. When they do, it’s good to have one of our Ricola products (below) by your side to bring you soothing comfort. 

    From the citrussy zest of Ricola Refreshing Lemon Mint Swiss Herbal Sweets, to uplifting Mountain Mint and soothing Elderflower Swiss Herbal Sweets, the fresh flavours in these herbal sweets will rapidly transport your mouth and Mind away from the daily grind.

    Is Ricola sugar free?

    Ricola's range includes products with sugar and without. For example, Ricola's sugar-free herbal sweets are sweetened with Steviol glycosides (Stevia).

    Is Ricola gluten free?

    Yes! All Ricola products are considered Gluten Free under the Codex Standard.

    Can I use Ricola products on a strict vegan diet?

    Ricola’s range includes numerous hard herb drops that are suitable for vegans, however, some herb drops contain Honey or butter fat (these ingredients are listed on the packaging).

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