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    Primrose’s Kitchen: Living in line with Nature.

    Our selection of raw, Gluten Free, and vegan Primrose's Kitchen products incorporate beneficial and thoughtful ingredients to make keeping a healthy balanced diet that little bit easier.

    Who is Primrose's Kitchen?

    Primrose's Kitchen lovingly creates wholesome foods that nurture the soul and respect the planet. Their goal is to re-educate and re-inspire people about Food, as well as encourage a responsible attitude to our own bodies. If we can do this, Primrose's Kitchen believe we can fulfil our destiny without the burden of low Energy and ill health.

    What is made in Primrose's Kitchen?

    Primrose's Kitchen is a manufacturer of hand made raw vegetable gluten free Muesli and Oats. Based in Dorset, England, they use the finest ingredients such as British produced gluten free oats, virgin Coconut oil, raw vegetables, raw Agave Syrup and an array of beneficial SupplementsNuts & Seeds like Chia Seeds and psyllium husk to name but a few.

    How healthy is Bircher muesli?

    Very healthy! First of all, Primrose's Bircher Muesli is dehydrated to maintain as much goodness as possible so you get all of its health & nutritional benefits. And with the addition of say yoghurt or a Dairy Free Milk, it should work to slow down your Digestion, keeping you fuller for longer.

    Is Primrose's Kitchen an ethical brand?

    Yes, we think so! Primrose's Kitchen only uses the purest organic ingredients, which are full of nutrients & flavour, and will never pollute your Body or our world. They bundle up their finished products in 100% recyclable packaging too, so you can be sure that Primrose's Kitchen are doing all they can to nourish you naturally & protect our environment.

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