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    Organii: Everyday Organics at Affordable Prices.

    Organii offer good value products that are sourced from ethical manufacturers who share Organii's passion for all things natural & organic. From Soap bars to shower gels, Mouthwash to an extensive selection of organic Sun Care products, Organii have the perfect range of everyday essentials at affordable prices to suit all budgets.

    Who are Organii?

    Organii evolved from a plethora of organic products available in Europe that were not available in UK. In some ways Organii is an umbrella of innovative organic products that have been discovered and brought together as a growing family. Organii do not 'create' anything, but simply source unique products from similarly minded, ethical manufactures and make them available, here in the UK.

    Is Organii cruelty free?

    When using Organii's certified organic & natural products you can be certain that there’s been no animal testing – because certification bodies do not allow animal testing.

    Why should I choose Organii?

    Organii believe that organic does not need to be expensive or for the select few. Great quality organic products should be fun, fresh and affordable, so Organii strive to achieve fair priced products that deliver good results for all.

    Organii design their product packaging to be as informative and transparent as possible so you know exactly what you are buying. While the products they select are always new and innovative, the packaging often reflects the country of origin and not the expectations of the UK consumer. By repacking these innovative products with fresh and lively designs, Organii believe that this will attract the attention of you, the consumer, and increase the use & awareness of organic products.

    Why go organic?

    You should consider going organic because:

    • It’s sustainable.
    • It nourishes your skin.
    • It's cost effective over time.
    • It’s better for you & the environment.

    Organic agriculture has been around for a long time, however in the past 20 years the use of organic ingredients in Skincare products has significantly grown. We already know the benefits of eating nutritious organic foods but unlike Food, skincare is less regulated. When you consider that the the Skin is the longest organ in the human Body that protects us from external aggressions an absorbs more than half of what we put in it through the blood stream, it is only right to question the common use of industrial chemicals and mineral oils by many of the regular skincare brands. The synthetic chemicals used in most cosmetic products are absorbed by our skin because the body doesn't recognise these chemical substances and, therefore, reacts to them as “foreign bodies”. Despite the hard work of the liver and kidneys, who work to eliminate these foreign substances, studies have shown that most of them are never truly eliminated from the body, and continue to intoxicate it, causing disturbances that may lead to mutagenic effects. 

    The metabolism of plant cells is the same as human skin cells and therefore our body recognises and understands the active ingredients present in all plant cells. By going one step further and replacing mineral oils with vegetable oils, Organii improve the base of their product ingredients, using organically grown oils and organically derived ingredients that nurture your skin.

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