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    Olivado: Taste the Goodness.

    Olivado's superb range of cold pressed avocado and macadamia Olive oils have been proven to be some of the healthiest and most versatile culinary Oils around. In fact the Olivado brand is earning quite the reputation of a culinary premium oil from the likes of internationally-renowned chef Jamie Oliver, who was immediately impressed with the rich smooth taste that enhances the flavours of delicate foods.

    Olivado's high burn point also makes it the best choice for healthy pan frying and high heat cooking too. And of course it’s perfect with salads, vegetables, in smoothies, and even your home-baked goods!

    Where is Olivado produced?

    Olivado has two production bases, one at Kerikeri in the beautiful Bay of Islands, near the top of New Zealand's North Island and the other in Nairobi, Kenya. No other company can produce avocado oil in the same manner with the quality and shelf life of Olivado.

    Is the Olivado brand Organic?

    Yes! Olivado’s factory, and the farmers who supply the avocados, are certified organic and Fairtrade by IMO, a Swiss registration organisation.

    What makes Olivado different from the other cooking oil brands?

    Olivado is now the world’s largest producer of extra virgin cold pressed avocado oil and the leading brand sold in supermarkets in more than thirty-one countries.

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