Oat Milk

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    Oat Milk

    From Oatly to Plenish, shop the Natures Healthbox selection of oat milks, which are available in various flavours, such as sweetened, unsweetened & Chocolate.

    What is oat milk made of?

    Oat milk is a plant-based Dairy Free Milk alternative that is made from rolled, whole oat grains and water.

    How healthy is oat milk?

    If you're lactose intolerant, have a nut allergy, vegan or are simply looking to shed a few pounds, oat milk is an ideal milk substitute that offers a rich source of protein, dietary fibre with very low quantities of fat and calories.

    Is oat milk gluten free?

    Oat milk can be made for those with gluten intolerance if it is produced using certified Gluten Free oats.

    What does oat milk taste like?

    Believe it or not but oat milk is surprisingly similar to cow's milk, but slightly thicker with an oatmeal-like aftertaste. Compared to the other available non-dairy milks out there, oat milk is the most naturally sweetest.

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