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    Native Snacks: Feed your Discovery.

    Native Snacks offer a delicious selection of popped lotus Seeds, which are like popcorn but better. Available in three different flavours (Sea Salt & Pink Pepper, Sea Salt & Vinegar and Sweet Chilli & Lime), these popped lotus seeds are sourced from India and have a staggering 65% less fat than traditional Crisps & Savoury Snacks. Big on crunch and packed full of flavour punch, Native Snacks are eighty-two calories (or under) per bag, vegan friendly, and Gluten Free too!

    What are Lotus seeds?

    Lotus seeds come from the lotus flower, a plant Native to India that are a popular snack across the country, where they are recognised as a key ingredient in Ayurveda (the world’s oldest holistic medicine practice). The have a low GI, which means they metabolise slowly, are full of protein, and are a rich source of dietary fibre. And as it thought that 90% of the UK doesn’t eat enough fibre, Native Snacks Popped Lotus Seeds may prove the most delicious way to change this.  

    *As Lotus seeds are classified as a fruit, and not a grain, they are therefore wheat free, soy free and GMO free.

    What are sustainable snacks?

    Native Snacks Vegan Pr*wn Crackers - Original Prawn Flavour 60g - Case of 12 and Native Snacks Vegan Pr*wn Crackers - Sweet Chilli 60g - Case of 12 certainly are!

    As farmed prawns produces 4 times more CO2 than beef. In fact 38% of global mangroves have been destroyed by prawn farms - mangroves store carbon and are habitats of fish & prawns that live in the sea grass beds. But because Native Snacks love prawns just as much as they love prawn crackers, these particular products have been made completely from plant-based ingredients instead.

    Where are Native Snacks made?

    Native's popped lotus seeds are sustainably sourced from Bihar, India, where they are then sent to one of the UK's leading snack manufacturers to roast, flavour & package them.

    Are Native Snacks dairy free?

    Yes! Native Snacks are Dairy Free. You won’t find any meat or dairy products in Native Snacks - not now, not ever!

    Are prawn crackers vegan?

    Yes! Both Native Snacks Vegan Pr*wn Crackers and Native Snacks Vegan Pr*wn Sweet Chilli Crackers are a light, crunchy & vegan alternative to the much loved classic snack.

    Why should I choose Native Snacks?

    Let's be honest, the world loves Snacks. Yet not a lot goes back to those putting in the hard work, growing the crops to create these delicious snacks, which we all love to consume. Native Snacks believe that what you snack on should not only taste good, but should also be good for the planet, people and the place that their snacks (below) come from. With this in mind, Natives 'Snacks with Soul' initiative ensures those who have grown their popped lotus seeds get something back from every bag of Native Snacks sold.

    Light as popcorn and crunchy as a crisp, Native Snacks never compromise on taste, and are always natural, healthy & tasty using simple ingredients with nothing artificial. Crunchy and delicious, these snacks were recently awarded a Great Taste Award in 2019 as the best tasting Popped Lotus Seed snack around!

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