Muscular Pain

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    Muscular Pain

    At Natures Healthbox we have an extensive selection of natural muscular pain remedies, from some of the biggest names within the natural healthcare market. From ointments to lotions, muscle rub's to gels, each product has been specifically formulated to target pain right at the source. 

    What is muscular pain?

    Muscular pain (Myalgia) often occurs as a result of trauma or injury associated with sprains and strains. Overuse of a particular muscle group, generally caused by a strenuous physical activity, may also cause muscular pain. Depending upon the cause, muscular pain can be benign or relentless and debilitating.

    Will muscle pain go away by itself?

    In most cases muscle aches and pains go away on their own within a short time. However sometimes muscle pain can remain present for months. If you feel your muscle pain is restricting your everyday tasks & movements, then you may wish to seek the medical consulation of your GP.

    How do you treat muscle pain?

    In addtion to the highly-publicised pharmaceuticals, you may wish to consider other forms of natural muscular pain remedies. For example, Tart Cherry JuiceApple Cider Vinegar and Tumeric Tablets all contain potent painkiller, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, while Ginger encourages circulation and blood flow, which helps to relieve muscle pain.

    What is the best natural muscle relaxer?

    Some of the best natural muscle relaxers include Chamomile, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and of course sufficient periods of rest!

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