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    Minami Nutrition: Supercritical Omega-3 Supplements.

    Minami Nutrition offer an extensive range of hexane free omega-3 Supplements which offer the highest purity, concentration and quality. These supplements are produced in a fully ecological way by using a patented eco-friendly production method (supercritical CO2 technology), which is praised by renowned scientists. This enables them to obtain maximum concentrations of omega-3 and an unrivalled purity. 

    Can you tell me more about Minami Nutrition?

    Yes! Minami Nutrition employ the most advanced and rigorous product development techniques to best serve hundreds of thousands of loyal customers around the world. The company’s 'green' attitude is shown by the fact that it doesn’t obtain Fish from over- fished waters, instead reeling them in from sustainable Pacific oceans. And by using smaller fish, such as mackerel and anchovy the level of possible contaminants is significantly lowered too!

    Where does the fish oil come from?

    The fish used in the Minami Nutrition fish oil comes from the waters of the South Pacific. Most of the fish comes from the Peruvian waters.

    Are there any suitable supplements for kids within the range?

    Yes, Minami Nutrition MorEPA Mini Junior 60 Capsules are an easy to swallow supplement with strawberry flavour, which have been specially developed for children.

    What makes Minami Supplements so different from other omega-3 brands?

    Research has demonstrated that the majority of the population is well aware that omega-3 is vital to maintain good health, but few people know how little omega-3 they consume via their diet, how to differentiate between the various products and what to look for when buying an omega-3 supplement. Working to achieve a healthy balance of omega-6 and omega-3 is one of the most worthwhile things people can do to benefit their health. The typical western diet is rich in omega-6, but does not include sufficient essential omega-3 fatty acids.

    They develop dietary supplements with very high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids and no fillers or unnecessary omega-6 fatty acids. In this way Minami Nutrition supplements optimize the ratio between omega-6 & omega-3, and offer various health benefits too!

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