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    14 products

    What is a Menstrual Cup?

    A Menstrual Cup is a Feminine Hygiene product that is inserted into the female vagina during menstruation. Menstrual Cups work to stop menstrual fluid from leaking onto a lady's clothes.

    How do I use a menstrual cup?

    Menstrual Cups should be used just before a lady's period begins. It is tightly folded then inserted into the vagina, like a tampon, without an applicator.

    How does a menstrual cup work?

    Unlike Tampons and Pads & Panty Liners, which absorb the menstrual flow, a Menstrual Cup simply catches and collects it.

    How easy is it to remove a menstrual cup?

    Menstrual Cup removal varies from woman to woman, however a woman should reach inside their vagina and pull on the stem until they can reach the base of the cup. Pinching as far up the cup as possible and then squeezing it for a few seconds will give the seal time to break. Once the base is squeezed, to release air, the cup can be removed at a sideways angle.

    How easy is it to clean a menstrual cup?

    Very easy. At the end of a menstrual cycle, simply immerse the Menstrual Cup in boiling water for 5-10 minutes at a time to sterilize it.

    What brands of Menstrual Cup do you stock?

    Here at Natures Healthbox, we offer a selection of Menstrual Cups from Mooncup and OrganiCup because they tare hypoallergenic and free from latex, plastic, perfumes, harmful BPAs, and toxins too!

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