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What is a Mooncup?

A Mooncup is a reusable and eco-friendly Menstrual Cup, made from soft medical grade silicone. This unique Feminine Hygiene product is designed to enable women with sensitive Skin and particularly latex allergies to use it comfortably.

Tried and trusted since 2002 by users around the world, the Mooncup menstrual cup offers an end to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable sanitary protection. And because the Mooncup is reusable, you only need one so it also saves you money and helps the environment too!

How does a Mooncup work?

The Mooncup is worn internally, a lot lower than a tampon, and or though tampons & pads absorb menstrual fluid, the Mooncup collects it. This means it doesn’t cause dryness or irritation. 

Is the Mooncup animal friendly?

Yes. The Mooncup is certified by the Vegan Society.

Can you wear a Mooncup swimming?

Yes. The Mooncup is around 2 inches long and can be used overnight or when swimming, exercising or travelling abroad.

Who are Mooncup UK?

The idea of Mooncup Ltd began in 1999 when founders Eileen and Su met during their travels across the globe. However it wasn't until the Spring of 2002 that the Mooncup (the world’s first reusable silicone menstrual cup) was born on the sunny south coast of Brighton, England (where they still reside today!). These days, the Mooncup can be found in over 50 countries (with its instructions printed in 12 different languages!) around the world and Mooncup Ltd continues to pioneer as an employee owned business with an ever-growing, dedicated team.