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    Marjoram, or Origanum majorana to be precise, is an aromatic herb from the mint family that grows throughout North Africa, Western Asia and the Mediterranean.

    Is marjoram and oregano the same thing?


    Considering marjoram's botanical name (Origanum majorana), it is unsurprising to note that many individuals confuse it with Oregano. However, this assumption isn't totally inaccurate as marjoram shares the same genus as oregano but differs in species. Oregano tastes different too, often sighted as  slightly woody and aromatic, while marjoram is sweeter and less pungent.

    What dishes do you use marjoram in?


    Marjoram goes well with soups and sauces, as well as egg, cheese or tomato-based dishes. It sometimes features on pizza bases too, and complements meat-based meals that include meatballs or sausages.

    What does marjoram do for the body?


    Traditional and folk remedy history teaches us that marjoram was used primarily by women for the maintenance of hormonal health. Since then, modern day science has revealed that marjoram contains compounds that possess antimicrobial, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

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