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    Loofco - Plastic Free Cleaning Products

    What is LoofCo?

    LoofCo is a unique range of brushes, pads & accessories for personal care, dish washing and household cleaning. These great value products are made from sustainable raw materials and offer an effective alternative to those regular brands of plastic scourers, brushes, Sponges & Cloths.

    Where are LoofCo products made?

    LoofCo products are skilfully hand crafted in Egypt and Sri Lanka by small producers, who use natural plant fibres, such as loofah and Coconut (coconut & loofah plant fibres are durable & long-lasting, making them a cost effective solution).

    Is LoofCo vegan?

    Yes LoofCo's range of ethical, eco-friendly and effective products are all Vegan Society approved.

    Is the LoofCo range biodegradable?

    All elements of LoofCo products are plastic-free and 100% compostable & biodegradable, with the exception of the metal core of LoofCo brushes, which are recyclable.

    Why should I choose LoofCo?

    LoofCo products are based on traditional designs, proven over generations, which are highly effective for all your washing and cleaning needs. For example, when immersed in water, the LoofCo Original Body Exfoliator Loofah transforms and expands into a spongy, flexible yet robust pad. This makes this loofah and the LoofCo Heart Shape Bath-Time Loofah a super soft, gentle Skin exfoliator for your personal care routine.

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