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Sponges & Cloths

Sponges & Cloths

Eco Friendly Sponges UK

Are sponges eco friendly?

Yes! Natures Healthbox have a selection of versatile cloths and sponges, which are made from sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. Using just water, these products work on a wide variety of different surfaces to ensure they are clean, shiny and free from streaks. 

Is cellulose sponge eco-friendly?

Yes! A cellulose sponge, like the Maistic Plastic Free All Purpose Cellulose White Sponge, is made from wood fibers, which are much more eco-friendly than plastic ones. These sponges biodegrade in landfills too.

What are the best cloths for cleaning?

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly cloth alternative to clean with, then you may wish to consider the Maistic Micro Plastic Free All Purpose Cloth - 5 pack. First introduced to Danish supermarkets back in 2016, it is now sold globally not to mention in over 800 supermarkets, drugstores and websites in Denmark alone!