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    Lizi's Granola: Granola Tailored to You

    Lizi's Granola supplies a wholesome Food source which delivers sustained protein and Energy to your Body throughout the day. Presented in convenient packs to help with busy lifestyles, each Lizi's Granola product is GL (Glycemic Load) tested to give you confidence not only on the nutritional benefits but also the effect it has upon your body.

    What is the Glycemic Load?

    The Glycemic Load (GL) s a measure that takes into account the amount of carbohydrate in a portion of food together with how quickly it raises blood glucose levels. The thinking is that if you eat a meal with a GL of 20g or less, it will have a small effect on blood sugar levels. So eating 3 meals a day of no more than a GL total of 20g and allowing a GL of 10g twice a day for snacks, your daily total GL will be 80g.

    Lizi’s Granola were the first company in the world to measure the GL load of their products.

    What's the healthiest granola UK?

    Lizi’s Granola is the healthy breakfast option that’s not only delicious but completely satisfying. With Lizi's everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy bowl of granola for breakfast no matter their dietary requirements, so what are you waiting for? Choose from our wide variety of Lizi's Granola flavours and dietary options to find the right breakfast for you, which kick-starts your day!

    Is Lizi's granola gluten free?

    Yes! In each of Lizi's Granola products you’ll find specialist dietary options including Gluten Free, high protein, and low sugar as well as organic Granola.

    Is Lizi's granola healthy?

    Yes, we think so! Whatever your tastes or lifestyle, Lizi’s offers a wide range of tasty, premium-quality granola that will have your breakfast bowl brimming with wholesome natural ingredients. From indulgent flavours to nutritious options to support your lifestyle, discover our selection above and we've no doubt you'll find something you love.

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