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    Who are La Gondola?

    As one of the oldest canning plants in Portugal, La Gondola was founded by Italians who brought the first canning industry to Matosinhos, northern Portugal, in 1940. Revered for its extraordinary quality of products, in which the Fish is considered on its conditions of maximum quality and flavour, La Gondola sardines (for example) are only worked upon when they reach a certain fat degree, and subsequently become softer and full of flavour.

    What makes La Gondola different to the other canned fish brands?

    All La Gondola canned fish products have been produced by the traditional 'pre-cooked' method. Production only takes place between the months of June and December, because of the well-known quality & characteristics of the fish in this period, meaning you only get the very best fresh fish!

    Is La Gondola Fairtrade?

    Yes! La Gondola have an honest relationship with their suppliers and their customers.

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