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    144 products

    Supplements to suit your Lifestyle.

    Higher Nature provides the best nutrition for all your health needs with an extensive selection of some of the most effective and trusted nutritional Supplements money can buy. They believe good health is vital to enjoy all life has to offer, which is why they take great care in creating Higher Nature Minerals and Multivitamins to help you live the best life you can.  

    I eat a healthy diet so why do I need a Higher Nature supplement?

    In an ideal world our diet alone should provide all the Nutrients we need, however the ideal can be interrupted by many factors and many of us don’t achieve the recommended minimum five a day fruit and vegetable target set by the UK Government. Even if your diet is optimised, Higher Nature products are a great way to ensure you are not falling short of the many nutrients needed for each and every system in the Body, from Higher Nature Zinc for your Immune System, to Higher Nature MSM Cream for your Skin.

    Why are Higher Nature supplements so good?

    Higher Nature look all over the world for their ingredients. And they don’t settle for anything other than the best. Below, are some facts about the products they’ve created for you:

    • Ethically sourced with full traceability of ingredients.
    • Developed by nutritionists based on the latest research.
    • Predominently vegetarian (over 85% of the range) and vegan (over 75%).
    • Free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners (using stevia where possible).
    • Therapeutic levels of active ingredients to optimize health (often above NRVs – nutritional reference value, which replaced recommended daily allowance).

    Why should I choose Higher Nature?

    Higher Nature is committed to providing you with natural healthcare products that are incredibly effective and available at the most competitive prices possible. Stringent quality control ensures that every product is of the best quality, so is not surprising that many healthcare professionals also recommend Higher Nature.

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