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    Herbatint: Natural Hair Colouring Experience Since 1970.

    Herbatint is a range of permanent Hair colourant gels with a natural herbal base. Each Herbatint product contains no ammonia but is specifically formulated to cover grey's 100% on the first application, and may even lighten your hair by up to two shades.

    Trusted by millions of women world wide, Herbatint is balanced with 8 organic vegetal extracts, which creates a unique formula that not only colours your hair gently but protects and nourishes it too!

    What is vegetal colour?

    Vegetal colour is Herbatint's true temporary colour that lasts between 6-8 shampoos. It imports shine and condition to your hair with a subtle hint of natural colour.

    Does Herbatint hair colour contain PPD's?

    Yes! Herbatint, like all permanent hair colour products, does contain Phenylenediamines (PPD’s), which are the only type of chemically synthesised ingredients and colour pigments that are used to alter the hair’s natural shade.

    I'm not sure I wish to use a permanent colour because I don’t like to see noticeable re-growth.

    Who doesn't! But fear not as Herbatint is different to those regular hair colours and can be mixed and used like a tone on tone colour. This will gradually fade over 16-20 shampoos resulting in less obvious root re-growth.

    Why should I choose Herbatint?

    Due to its unique composition, Herbatint permanently colours hair without damage. It's specially formulated from herb extracts and proteins, and uses Rosemary, cinchona and Walnut husk, to gently deposit colour pigments. The vibrant result is hair with a natural, subtle colour that not only looks great, but feels good time after time.

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