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    Hempthy - The UK's best CBD Mints & Gummies

    Hempthy is an award winning CBD manufacturer, which stands out from the crowd. Based in the UK, Hempthy source the finest, lab tested CBD directly from the United States of America, and put the full amount of it into each and every product they make. Their manufacturing process is meticulous and uses nothing but premium ingredients to make a range of CBD Gummies and CBD Mints in GME approved facilities.

    What is CBD?

    Check out our two blogs, entitled CBD Oil FAQ's and CBD vs CBG: What is the difference? to find out more about the purported benefits of CBD.

    What do Hempthy CBD gummies do for your body?

    Hempthy CBD Gummies, such as Hempthy CBD Gummies - Sugar Free Gummies - 30 Pack, provide you with an easy alternative way to ingest CBD. Each vegan and THC free CBD gummy contains 10mg CBD.

    Can Hempthy CBD mints get you high?

    These mints are are fully legal in the UK & Europe. Hempthy CBD Imperial Mints - 30 Pack do not contain THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what causes the 'high' sensation that people get when smoking marijuana.

    How much are these CBD mints?

    Hempthy CBD Imperial Mints are competitively priced at £12.99.

    Who are their customers?

    Hempthy pride themselves on providing customers with product excellence, so whether it’s someone who has never tried CBD before or someone who is more than experienced, their products can be used safely by people from all walks of life.

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