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    Greencane Paper: Helping to 'Change our World'!

    Greencane Paper is the modern solution for a group of everyday products. By choosing Greencane Paper products each time you shop, you become a part of the worldwide movement towards sustainability. Greencane Paper is BPA and GMO free and all packaging is compostable with no plastic.

    What is Greencane Paper?

    Up to 70% of Greencane Paper is made from a mix of recycled sugarcane and bamboo fibre (bagasse), a byproduct of the sugar refining process. Bamboo and sugarcane are 100% biodegradable and have an extremely low environmental impact compared with the harvesting destruction of soft wood forests which results in high impact to birds and animals, and causes extensive land scarring. To obtain both strength and softness, 30% certified wood pulp (sustainable) is also added.

    What is Sugarcane?

    Sugarcane is a tropical grass which predominantly grows in Brazil (33%) and India (17%). Sugarcane can be grown year on year with little wear and tear on soil quality, just rainwater and lots of sun.

    Is Greencane Toilet Paper safe for older plumbing or septic tanks?

    Yes! Greencane Toilet Paper is 100% biodegradable thanks to the sugarcane & bamboo short fibres, which when compared to timber long fibres, have a rapid breakdown time. Ideal for home use, this paper is soft and white with each Toilet Roll having 300 sheets.

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