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Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper UK

Is there an eco friendly alternative to toilet paper?

Yes, and Natures Healthbox have a wide range of Earth friendly toilet rolls, which accommodate more toilet paper but less storage and packaging. 

Which toilet paper is chemical free?

All of them are at Natures Healthbox! Unlike many conventional loo roll brands, these alternative toilet tissues (below) have no chlorine-based chemistry used in their manufacture.

What is the healthiest toilet paper?

A Bamboo toilet paper, such as The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Toilet Paper - Pack of 9 or Hempur Silky Smooth Bamboo Toilet Paper - 6 Pack, could be considered some of the healthiest around. This is because bamboo is cheap, affordable, and quick & easy to use than many recycled tissues. It's stronger too, and has a significant impact on reducing deforestation.

Does bamboo toilet paper block toilets?

No! Bamboo toilet paper products can be flushed away safely and will not clog your toilet.